Be a part of a legacy.

SLO Op, the country's first nonprofit 501c7 has raised over $400,000 from the community since its inception to grow from a little storage unit to today's two gym locations on the central coast.

We've changed thousands of people's lives, given people meaning and purpose and a great thing to do in their spare time. And we're about to reach more.

We want the gym to be funded by YOU - friends, family, and supporters of SLO Op past and The Pad future. This is our current funding chart.

Our president, founder, and wall designer takes you on a tour of the new SLO Op IV design. Want to get involved? Read more here:

Whether you're one of the awesome people that put up a panel or twenty, gave us money in the past, or this is your first chance at contributing, we're asking you to be a part of the new vision!


Our offers

Invest in The Pad Climbing by purchasing bonds from us!**

  • Bond Series A:
  • Bond Series B:

Bonds are loans where interest is paid annually (first week of January) and the principal that you loaned us is returned to you at the end of the term or you are given the option to roll over the bond at the end of its life.

Current chart of bonds available vs bonds sold.

Want to find out more? Check out our prospectus by signing this NDA form and emailing it to us. We will send you it ASAP.

Get a limited time lifetime membership, good at any gym we found now and in the future:

  • $4000 - individual
  • $9000 - nuclear family (good for future children as well)

**you must be either a friend or family of SLO Op Climbing or The Pad investors, founders, or members OR be an accredited investor  to qualify for this offer.


Ready now? We accept all major credit cards and paypal!