We will keep regular hours this holiday season!


YES! Bask in the glory of regular SLO Op hours on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years!

This is an experiment to see if it merits being open during these days – many of you have asked for us to be open when you come home for the holidays or have family in town and so we are!

Ready to leap 2 grades in bouldering ability?


Climbing coach Sean Mapoles is coming to SLO Op for a session at the gym on Saturday, February 1st.

He guarantees results in six weeks. He teaches you how to avoid injury. It’s what you need. How can you NOT do this course?

SLO Op is Expanding to Santa Maria!

“The Pad” – Santa Maria, CA! What: SLO Op Climbing is a 501c7 non-profit social club dedicated to maintenance of a gym in San Luis Obispo and to the greater interests of the local climbing community. On 9/4/14, our board voted unanimously to … [Continue reading]

New doorbell system!

SLO Op manages to pioneer the climbing gym industry again!  Our SLO Op Crew and Board member, Alex Klimaj, built us a new doorbell system for the gym. Currently, because we have two doors, there is a members' only door that lets people in using a … [Continue reading]

New floors and a new wall!

SLO Op's improving day by day! We did a survey of membership and you voted 4:1 to remove the slackline and install a vertical wall for more wall variety. And so we are. We also are finally able to move on replacing the gym floors with new, industry … [Continue reading]

The Send: Bouldering Competition March 8

Our annual spring event - we have two comps in one: CCS for the collegiate climbers and Open Citizens for everyone else. The executive directors have ten years of diverse event production background, including ten years of climbing competitions, … [Continue reading]

Climbing legend Timy Fairfield comes to SLO-Op

Hello SLO-Opers We are very excited to announce that world champion, X-Games champion and climbing legend Timy Fairfield will be visiting our neck of the woods to help our great setters get even better. In addition Timy will be hosting a member … [Continue reading]

New Rates Starting March 1st!

Hey SLO-Op members! We hope that 2014 is off to a great start for each of you. We're prepping for some exciting events, programs, and improvements this year, and we want you all to be the first to know (more on this in a minute). In order to bring … [Continue reading]

Clinics on the Fourth Thursday of the Month!

We will offer a beginner climbing clinic on the fourth Thursday of every month at 7 pm.  Open to anyone with little-to-no climbing experience, bouldering V0/V1. It is free to participate with a membership or day pass, sessions will last 1.5-2 … [Continue reading]

Holiday Hours!

Cal Poly is out for Winter Break and our schedule has changed for the next three weeks! This week (12/16-12-19) will be open: Mon-Thurs 6-10 pm - Saturday's 2-4 is staffed. Next week (12/23-26) will be open: Mon-Tues 6-9 pm with Saturday's 2-4 … [Continue reading]